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Second Chances and Other Stories by Wayne DePriest


Wayne DePriest’s Second Chances and Other Stories is great. Not only does DePriest write well, but the content of his stories is clever and engaging as well. He does not write mere fluff. We think and rethink his stories long after we finished. The offbeat short story “Janet and George,” my favorite short love story of all time, conveys a subtle, yet masterful poignancy.
This book is one of a select number worthy enough to be read in my bathtub, a place where all that is boring and disappointing must be shut out. DePriest’s worlds are often frightening and unsettling, but when I read his stories, I am in a good place. 

See his book on Amazon.

– Paul R. De Lancey, reviewer

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“Welcome to Heidi” by Heidi Clements – Book Review


Heidi Clements’ Welcome to Heidi made the coveted title of “Bathtub Book.” Not many books are worthy or funny enough to be read in my bathtub. Even fewer books are so well written as to keep me in tepid water and cold water.

Life can be hard. You either laugh or cry. Heidi always makes us laugh out loud, whether it’s a comment on her life or the world in general. Even introverts like me will giggle a little.

Welcome to Heidi is the chocolate-iced cake-with-sprinkles-on-it book of funny, sarcastic observations. Oh, and shoes. It’s as good as any pair of shoes.

Welcome to Heidi is available on

Check out her  author page on


– Paul R. De Lancey, reviewer


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