Official Dinner Invitation For President Biden

I had to use this. My photo of Biden didn’t look like Biden

I have invited every president to a debate or a dinner. I see no reason to stop this fine tradition. So,

Dear President Biden,

I am officially inviting you and whomever you wish to come with you to have a gourmet five-course meal at my humble abode in Poway, California. My wonderful wife, many friends, and I eagerly await your appearance. As you know, Mr. President, Poway is the hot point of all political campaigns and legislation. The saying runs, “As goes Poway, so does the Presidency.”

You’ll have have a great time in Poway with its many streets, walking trails, theaters, library, and the site of the proposed Candyland(tm) Museum. So, please come. It will help your approval rating. And heck, you’ll have fun chowing down on home-style gourmet cooking.


Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

P.S. I even have the complete collection of The Adventures of Robin Hood with Richard Greene. We could watch that after dinner.


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2 thoughts on “Official Dinner Invitation For President Biden

  1. italiadiva


    Robin Hood, Robin Hood
    Riding through the Glen …


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