The Hottest New Sport – Rabbit Chess (Kanin Schack)

Chess has always been a laudable exercise for the brain. But is it cute? Bunnies are cute. Cuter than people. Certainly bunnies playing chess are way cuter than two competing humans. What do the humans do between moves? Nothing. Certainly their synapses are firing something fierce, but they move nary a muscle.

However, bunnies hop around while the other rabbit is pondering its next move and this is okay. Movement, oh my gosh. And the bunnies’ cute pink noses twitch nonstop. How is adorable is that?

Mega adorable. Which is why Kanin Schack or Rabbit Chess has taken Sweden by storm. No good Swedes go out on Tuesday after dark anymore as that is Rabbit Chess Night on television. Rumor has it that Rabbit Chess will soon be premiering on ESPN8. I can’t wait. My nose twitches in anticipation.














– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

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