Iran is Niger, Only Upside Down!

Look at the following map of the world. Notice anything spooky?


Iran is Niger upside down. Look, look! Someone copied Niger (ctrl-c), flipped it vertically, and plopped it down (ctrl-v)  between Turkey and Pakistan.

Niger and Iran even have the same color.


Proof you cannot deny.

It’s so clear! It’s so clear.

Okay, maybe you’re not convinced.


Let’s compare the map of an upside down Niger with that of a right-side up Iran.

Identical. The maps don’t lie


So, the boundaries of Iran and flipped Niger are the same. But for my hypothesis to hold, Iranians must be flipped Nigeriens. Is this true? Yes. How do we know. People that are upside down will have a flag that’s turned upside down as well. Is this true? Let’s see.

Upside down Nigerien Flag                            Rightside up Iranian flag

But for the fact that the orange print cartridge on the upside down Nigerien flag deteriorated into red on the Iranian flag and the ink started to run out in spots on the right, the flags are identical. Proof you cannot deny.

There you have it. The land and people of Iran are identical to those of Niger, only upside down. So you only need to visit one of the countries. Remember to stand on your head and walk upside down if you travel to Iran. It is for this reason people usually choose to vacation in Niger.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

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2 thoughts on “Iran is Niger, Only Upside Down!

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    You have turned my brain upside down with this!

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