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Why I Hate WalMart

All the following thoughts come from personal experience, from  watching TV, reading articles, and from what I consider reputable online sites, such as Yahoo Finance, CNN, etc.


You can see what WalMart carries and where they stock it. For example, I looked up Nescafe(tm) Cafe Mocha Creamer. Their website said they had it and listed to be in 35A. This is wonderful information for someone who needs a particular ingredient and other things. Sure beats the heck of searching stores all around the county, going up and down one aisle after another. Thumbs up, WALMART.

Unfortunately . . .


1) Their chaotic parking lots.

2) Many of their aisles are tiny.

3) Their apparent war on checkers. I went their today. My WalMart had only one of about twenty checkout stands with a person at it. Of course, the line stretched to the next time zone.

4) Not everyone agrees with me on this one. I hate the self-checkout stands. I always have problems with them. I have seen people who’ve had many experiences with this machine, have problems.

5) I DON’T work for WalMart. I don’t want to do the checking out. Don’t make me do something that all other supermarkets and superstores do.

6) Don’t take jobs away  people. Hire more checkers and have fewer checkout machines.

7) Pay your workers more. Do that and stop telling your workers how to get municipal and state assistance. Stop making taxpayers pay your employees.

8) This is no fault of WalMart’s, but more shoppers there seem to block aisles with their carts than anyone else.

9) Hire checkers with more experience. WalMart checkers seem to need more assistance than anywhere else. Walmart might need to pay more money to get better workers to fix this problem.

10) Stop driving long-standing small stores out of business.

11) Then closing a WalMart. Small towns have seen their small stores shut down because of WalMart. Then when WalMart decides to leave, the small community has nothing. No where to shop. Nowhere to get together.

I’m not a complete grump. I do like some supermarkets. They include Stater Bros., Grocery Outlet, and Sprouts. I also like Target.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

My cookbook, Following Good Food Around the World, with its 180 wonderful recipes, my newest novel, Do Lutheran Hunks Eat Mushrooms, a hilarious apocalyptic thriller, and all my other books, are available on


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My Long and Failed Quest to Buy Puff Pastry

The Holy Grail

I needed puff pastry to make meat pies. Just pastry. This was My quest. And keep in mind, I suffer from fatigue from the time I get up.

1) I went to Stater Bros. First, I went to buy flowers. No prices on the flowers. No prices on the shelves. An employee who was working there didn’t know. I did not buy flowers.

2) The store wasn’t stocking puff pastry.

3) I went to Sprouts. I couldn’t find it.

4) I asked an employee. He didn’t know  what puff pastry was. I had to spell p-u-f-f.

5) He then said they had cream puffs.

6) I asked two employees were chatting with each other. I was told they needed to check in and walked away.

7) I then went to WalMart.

8) The aisles were packed with people not looking where they were going.

9) Or leaving their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle.

10) I went to buy tomatoes. A woman was investigating every tomato.

11) I couldn’t find puff pastry.

12) I asked an employee. No real response.

13) I asked a second employee. She didn’t know what it was.

14) I had to spell p-u-f-f.

15) It’s a pastry, I said again.

16) Is it frozen or fresh?

17) I said frozen.

18) Then it’s probably in the frozen section.

19)  Frozen food is in the frozen section. Whoa.

20) I found puff pastry on my third pass of the frozen section. I found one. The last one. It was on the bottom shelf. Push to the back.

21) I went back to buying tomatoes. The same woman was still picking up tomatoes and examining them.

22) I bought a cluster of vine-ripened tomatoes instead.

23) They fell through my cart twice.

24) I went to checkout. I forewent the self-checkout because I don’t work at Walmart, and I want WalMart to hire people. And there were lines even on the self checkouts.

25) I tried to stand inline. But the lines stretched into oblivion because only a handful of the checkout stands were open.

26) So I tried to go to the gardening department to buy my puff pastry. Two employees were standing around. But the check out stands there were not open.

27) I went home.

28) I went on Amazon for delivery. Puff pastry would have been horrifically expensive what with the cost for the product, delivery fee, and tips.

29) And even then, I could not receive my puff pastry until 10 pm.

30) I tried seeing if puff pastry was available at Target.

31) Target kept insisting its closest store was 40 miles away.

32) I typed in my zip code.

33) It said the nearest store was in Minneapolis. Was that correct?

34) Finally, I got the site to acknowledge I do indeed live in Poway, CA.

35) I asked the site to check for puff pastry sheets.

36) The site showed dozens of bed sheets.

37) Okay, I asked for puff pastry.

38) The site showed dozens of bed sheets.

39) I typed in puff pastry again.

40) A major step forward. The site suggested Pepperidge Farm puff pastry sheets.

41) I clicked on that.

I just want puffed pastry.

42) The site showed dozens of bed sheets.

43) The site then suggest another brand of puff pastry sheets.

44) I clicked on that new brand.

45) The site showed dozens of bed sheets.

46) For sh*ts and grins, I looked at Instacart.

47) Same problem as with Amazon. Too expensive and no delivery before 10 pm.

Now I have no puff pastry and I’ve used up all my energy.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

My cookbook, Following Good Food Around the World, with its 180 wonderful recipes, my newest novel, Do Lutheran Hunks Eat Mushrooms, a hilarious apocalyptic thriller, and all my other books, are available on







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