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Another Word Added to Paul’s Awesome Dictionary

Gruntjectives: n: (Pronunciation, just like it looks) Adjectives that get so overused that they lose all meaning. The speaker might as well grunt instead. – Paul’s Awesome Dictionary

Today’s Gruntjective Story:

“I just completed a chat with a tech support person. When they asked for the verification number they’d sent to confirm I’m me, apparently I responded exceptionally well. They responded: ‘Awesome’.”

– the great author Judy Reeves on Facebook(tm)

I commented:

“Maybe the support gets filled with awe whenever she hears an identification number. We should all endeavor to be like her. ‘Look, a glass!’ Be filled with awe. ‘Look, it’s full of water.’ Be filled with more awe. See, how happy you could become.”

My comments made it into this little blog. I’ve learned not to waste moments when my synapses fire.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

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