Paul’s Awesome English Dictionary – Today’s Word, Weedery

A weedery

The English language possesses –Isn’t that cool, a word with five “s”s? – multiple words that end in “ery.”

1)  Perhaps the most commonly known is “nunnery.”
n. nunnery: A building that houses a convent of nuns.
Paul’s Amazing English Dictionary
“Get thee to a nunnery.”
Hamlet, some act and some scene. Written by Bill Shakespeare.

2) The next entry of the “ery” hit parade is “winery.”
n. winery: A place where they make or sell wine.
Paul’s Amazing English Dictionary
“Get thee to a winery.”
Hamlet the Drunk, by Bea Sotted

3) Not to forget, “rookery”
n. rookery:  a colony of seabirds such as penguins or seals.
Paul’s Amesome English Dictionary
“Get thee to a rookery.”
Hamlet of Antarctica by Amos Keeto.



n. weedery: (1) a place where weeds are: grown, whether by design or by lazy gardeners.
(2) a place where marijuana is grown or sold.
Paul’s Amesome English Dictionary*
“Get thee to a weedery.”
– Hamlet’s thesis, Can Total Weed Acreage across America, 2019-2020 be Fully Modeled Using ARIMA Analysis. Written in partial fulfillment of his doctoral requirements in agricultural economics.
SPECIAL NOTE: There is a tiny park on a street corner near the Agricultural Economics campus of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. It started out as most weederies do; nobody cared enough to pull the weeds. Finally, people got serious. They formed discussion groups. It transpired that this minisule patch of weeds had an incredibly large variety of weeds. What’s more, many of these weeds were incredibly rare. Agricultural economists, who study the effect of weeds on the farming industry had an incredibly accessible source of rare weeds to study. Who says agricultural economics can’t be incredibly sexy?
* = Paul’s Awesome English Dictonary, best in the world.

Now show off your knowledge. Talk about weederies to the first person you meet today. They’ll think you’re smart.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

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    Did you know that dendelion greens are edible?

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