Homework After All These Years

My last homework prior to yesterday was my doctoral thesis, “Official Reserve Management and Forecasts of Official Reserves.” The book ran over 300 pages, featured more equations than you could shake a stick at, researching data from all sorts of official sources such as the International Monetary, survey of the literature, three stage iterative least squares with precautions against heteroskedasticity, serial correlations, Durbin-Watts statistics, graphs, projecting beyond the sample period, and much more.

Then there’s yesterday’s homework assignment from my eye therapy. I had to draw straight lines and color in rectangles without going into the next box. It’s an exercise designed to get my eyes working together again. But it looks suspiciously like one of my First-Grade homework assignments. I’ve come full circle in my education.

First Grade Homework?


Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

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