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*Bump Off Your Enemies* Fictional-Writing Contest’s Inspirational Post

Authors Candace C. Bowen and Paul R. De Lancey invite you to fictionally “Bump Off” your enemies in 200 words or fewer.  The great event takes place on March 15.

Enemies do not have to be specific people. They can be types of people such as telemarketers or people who block aisles in supermarkets.
Two winners will be crowned Kingpin/Queenpin. Winning entries with a short bio of the winners will be posted on Facebook, Paul De Lancey’s website (, and Candace C. Bowen’s website ( Good Luck!

To get to this event, log on to Facebook and type *Bump Off Your Enemies*

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Be The Boss Of Your Federal Department – Part 2

All you have to do is follow my blog, and like it. In return, when elected President of the United States on the Bacon & Chocolate Party  ticket, I will give you a job as the head honcho of whatever federal department is available. (See below for taken slots and list of federal agencies.) If you can’t decide, but still wish to serve your country at a handsome salary with great health care, I will randomly pick a department for you to run.

May 21, 2012 – Directory listing for federal agencies and departments:A.

What a deal! What a country!

Our lineup so far:

President: Paul De Lancey
Vice President: Daphne Anne Humphrey

Avoiding Labor: Stephen Parrish
Education: Jan Buckner, Amy Buckheister Gettinger
Extraterrestrial Welcoming Committee: Denise Hemphill
Health Human Services And Cooking: Shauna Roberts
State: Franchesca Todd
Secret Service: Maria Kuroshchepova
Treasury: Andrea Isom

Vatican: John Rucker

Bacon & Chocolate for a Tasty Tommorow

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