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Hire a Cat Editor

Every writer knows editing isn’t fun. So we take our time getting it done. So we put it off to tomorrow, next month, and finally we find ourselves on the other side of the rainbow bridge and it’ll be too late. Our dog Sparky will be there. His tail isn’t wagging. “Your book would have been the greatest book ever. It would have brought happiness to hundreds of millions, but you never got past the editing. ”

“I should have hired someone,” I mumbled.

“No, not someone,” says Sparky. “You should have hired a cat for the editing.”

“I thought you didn’t like cats.”

“I didn’t. But they make the best editors. They demand perfection. You have to earn their approval.”

“I’m sorry, Sparky, I messed up.”

“That’s okay.” His tail commenced wagging. “I could never stay mad at you. Want to throw a ball for me?”

I muttered, “I don’t have a ball.”

Blip. A red ball appeared in my hand.

“There’s always balls for fetching in Heaven,” said Sparky.

“And increased canine vocabularies,” I said.

“That too,” said Sparky.

And we laughed and laughed.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

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