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Ordinary Beginnings of Ordinary Lives – Sue Viva


Sue Viva, grew up in the little town of Albondigas, Baja Sur. Her father was a door-to-door salesman of books on toilet paper. Life was hard, except for that month when the fish rendering plant flushed its waste into the town’s water supply. Business boomed then.


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Corporate Sponsorship Minimum for *Bump Off Your Enemies* Literary Event

I just want all corporations clamoring to sponsor the *Bump Off Your Enemies* literary event to know we will turn down no sponsorship offers of  $100,000 or more. Even lutefisk vendors.

Heads to Heinz. We have 57 people attending. What an incredible tie in for you company. You’re welcome.

Come join the *Bump Off Your Enemies* tsunami.

*Bump Off Your Enemies*

Authors Candace C. Bowen and Paul R. De Lancey invite you to fictionally “Bump Off” your enemies in 200 words or fewer.
Enemies do not have to be specific people. They can be types of people such as telemarketers or people who block aisles in supermarkets.
Two winners will be crowned Kingpin/Queenpin. Winning entries with a short bio of the winners will be posted on Facebook, Paul De Lancey’s blogsite (, his website (, and Candace C. Bowen’s website ( Good Luck!

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