Modern Day Wise Words

The following bits of wisdom sound like adages, but aren’t. Enjoy.
Sugar burns fast on a burner. – Paul De Lancey
Taller brownies have more flavor. – Doug Wissoker
Where there’s a will, there’s a relative. – Adam Slade
Everything is somewhere. – Lee Jackson’s son
There’s more water down by the lake. – Brynne Chandler
You’re either on the bus or under the bus. – Foinah Jameson
That which does not kill me is still pretty fucking terrifying. – Deci Reynolds
A bird in the hand is definitely going to poop on you. –  Angie Mansfield
A stitch in time and these sutures are gonna take forever. – Dana Hoyt-Bauer
Plan what you’ll eat, then eat what you have planned. – Debra Polk
What you go through gets you in the room. – Janna Leadbetter
If worms had guns, birds wouldn’t eff with them. – Lee Jackson’s brother in law, Mike Jackson
The river is wide, but I don’t smoke. Ever. – Liz Husebye Hartmann
A wise man treads lightly on shredded wheat. – Tammy Parks
Better to wrack one’s brain than brain one’s wrack. – Steve Barber
Roofers’ knee pads are insufficient for crawling over broken glass. – Nancy Fairweather
During book burnings, the hottest books are the most red. – Julie Watts
You will find that thing you’re searching for in the last place you look. –  Cheryl Christensen
If you eat a whole chocolate bar in a forest and nobody sees you, then it has no calories. – Badger Dowdeswell
I’ve been saying this one for years: Where there’s a will, there’s a family fighting over it. – Charlie Stuart
Everything is better with butter. –  Daphne Anne Humphrey
Be wary of strangers who don’t wear masks. – Cynthia Bronco
Putting peanut butter between two pieces of bread won’t turn it to jelly. – Kathryn Minicozzi

– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D.

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  1. italiadiva

    Putting peanut butter between two pieces of bread won’t turn it to jelly.

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