All You Need to Know About the Weather in Poway, CA


short sleeve weather

The following statements about Poway’s weather are generally true all year and especially so now.

You can forecast the weather simply by looking out the window.

If the sky is clear, it’s already warm outside. It will stay warm all day. Wear a short-sleeve shirt.

If the sky is completely cloudy, it is cool outside. It’ll probably stay cool. Keep warm; wear a long-sleeve shirt. However, just to be safe, check the sky later in the day. If the clouds dissipate or blow away, the temperature will rise. You could change into a short-sleeve shirt. In times of such changes in the weather as these, however, I recommend a thin, long-sleeve shirt. It doesn’t pay to take chances.

Well, that’s you need to know about forecasting the weather in Poway, CA, my fair city.


Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef, Ph.D., and meteorologist

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