Bacon & Chocolate Party’s Blueprint For Campaign reform

It’s all so simple. Everyone, and I mean everyone, goes to the polling booth on Election Day in
November armed with a die. You can get a die from an old game of Risk or backgammon. Roll the die inside your election booth. If it comes up 1 or 2, vote for President Obama. If the result is 3 0r 4, vote for Romney. However, if you get a 5 or 6 vote for Bacon & Chocolate.

No matter how much money the Democrats or the Republicans spend on the presidential election they cannot affect the roll of the die. They will have no reason to raise an obscene number of millions to spend on misleading and omnipresent campaign ads. Billionaires will have no reason to give money to presidential candidates. Presidential candidates will have no reason to listen to billionaires. No matter, whom we elect when we roll our dice on Election Tuesday, our voice will be heard just as loud to the elected President as any

And we’ll have a 1/3 chance of electing Bacon & Chocolate for  president.

Vote Bacon & Chocolate for a tasty tomorrow.

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