How to Help Ukraine

Please help Ukraine

I usually blog about recipes, funny things, and pretty pictures. But not, today. Ukraine suffers mightily from the unprovoked Russian assault unleashed by the bloody dictator Putin. While none of us can do much to undo the horrors of this war, it is also far from true that we can do nothing.

Please consider giving to the five organizations listed in the below link. They are listed creditable by Wisconsin’s Better Business Bureau. One of them is Catholic Relief Services. I have given to them multiples times.

Be sure to click on Ukraine Relief Activities. if you want your money to go to Ukraine and not globally. I am not just asking you to help. I have already given.

I would be grateful if you let me know of other deserving and creditable organizations helping in Ukraine.

Thank you so much,


Paul De Lancey, Ph.D.




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2 thoughts on “How to Help Ukraine

  1. italiadiva

    Thank you for this valuable information, Paul. I made a contribution to Catholic Relief Services for the people of Ukraine.

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