Coming Soon! Edible Cookbook! Exclamation Points!


Disreputable sources close to me assert, “Shoestring Publications is about to set the book market on its ear.” You betcha. While most books can only be read or be used to prop open windows, Shoestring’s cookbook is a wonder.

The visionary publisher says its cookbook, Edible Me by Chef Hoaks, is destined to hit the mass market before the close of this millennium. The revolutionary book will surely be a best seller with edible pages scientifically dehydrated from actual dish created by the great chef himself. Yes, no need to wonder how your hours of cooking will turn out, simply taste the sample page to the right of the recipe.

“Ha,” says CEO Juana Dine of Mortar Bookstores, “I’d like to see e-books top that.”

“Eat my words” – Chef Hoaks

“Now I don’t have to put down my book to eat.” – Anne Thoreau Pology

“This book is meant to be devoured.” – Colonel Mustard

– Chef Paul



My cookbook, Eat Me: 169 Fun Recipes From All Over the World,  and novels are available in paperpack or Kindle on

As an e-book on Nook

or on my website-where you can get a signed copy at:

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