Updating Mark Twain’s Picket Fence

Perhaps you’re worried you guns will be taken from you. Perhaps you want something that will deter a vicious intruder in your home more than dewaltyour current arsenal of rubber bands, but is less lethal than an assault weapon in case of accidental use by the family. If so, DeWalt has something for you. Look at the weapon to the right. This baby can shoot a 16-D nail through a 2×4 at 200 yards.

But is it any use outside of defending your family from armed attackers? Is it dual purpose like my kitchen mallet that can crush  the skull of the robber inside my living room or flatten that chicken breast to make scallopini?

Yes it is. Remember famous scene where Tom Sawyer so convinces his friends that painting a picket fence is such fun they even pay him for the privilege of painting? Well suppose you want to put a picket fence around your front yard. You don’t want one of those faux plastic picket fences. You want an honest -to-goodness wooden one. But gosh you say, nailing all those pickets will take forever with a hammer. Is there an easier way?

I’m glad you asked. Simply lean all the pickets against the cross boards of your fence. Stock your lawn table with plenty of beer and pretzels and invite all your friends who own a DeWalt nail gun over for a party. Challenge your friends to hit those little pickets. After a few beers, they’ll be blazing away with their DeWalts. Over the course of an hour of shooting, enough bulls-eyes will occur to nail your fence together. And with a range of 200 yards you can put up a rather long picket fence. And like Tom Sawyer you’ll be the only one to know it was supposed to be work.

Of course, it must be said many of the fired nails will not hit their targets. Best to invite all your neighbors and their pets to your beer-and-pretzel party. Remember, the best position on guns is behind them.

– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef

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