My First Video: Hitler learns of Paul’s Flying Squirrel Squadron

The end of Nazi Germany is near. Hitler’s bunker is about to be attacked by flying squirrels. He reacts.


– Paul De Lancey, The Comic Chef

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2 thoughts on “My First Video: Hitler learns of Paul’s Flying Squirrel Squadron

  1. Bill Rankin

    Parachute? Why don’t they just glide in? You know why? Because this is really a unit of grey squirrels!

    I have to hand this to you as this is quite a clever ploy. The laughing Ubermench air defense crews manning their 88’s and multiple 20mm’s will be looking for a mass of helpless if cute little chutes drifting down when the vicious little flying rodents slice in.



    • My flying squirrels are adept at flying short distances on their own. Trans oceanic flights can fatigue and degrade their capabilities. Also insertion by mechanized airborne assault allows them the carry vastly augmented supplies of ammunition. The CIA really won’t let me say more as they occasional use my squirrels in defense of our country’s liberties and supplies of bacon and chocolate.


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