Very Bad Day

Dear readers,

I had an absolutely bad day at home and it’s not likely to ever get better. I don’t have the joy or energy to write a long or creative blog. Please send kind thoughts or tell me what country you’re from and what you’ve like about my blogs and what you’d like to see in future ones.


Thank you,

Paul De Lancey



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6 thoughts on “Very Bad Day

  1. Pamela

    Paul, I enjoy your recipes and humor. Sending best wishes and prayers your way. — Pamela

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  2. Joy Westerdahl

    Oh my goodness! Your muses by which you bring us posts are such a delight. I particularly enjoy your posts/ recipes of provincial food locals would choose to make . The lesser known destinationthe better You have a gift !

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  3. italiadiva

    Kind thoughts and good vibes from me to you.

    I live in The Bronx, New York City, USA.

    I love your very inventive tidbits, which often give me a much needed laugh.

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