“Voodoo Fire,” by Candace C. Bowen – Book Review

Voodoo Fire. Another page turner from the talented, multi-genre master, Candace C. Bowen.vfCover

Most college students go to New Orleans to party and go wild. Ms. Bowen’s characters visit the grave of the notorious voodoo queen Marie Laveau and to communicate with her. For no particular reason. But Marie has a reason to respond to them, a reason to come back, back from the dead.

Willow, the meek heroine becomes the vessel for Queen Marie. But Marie is no longer the helpful neighborhood voodoo queen she was in life. Decades of death have turned her cranky and made her murderous. She will set things right in the world. She will visit bloody justice on those who sully her good name for profit.

Torn between the unspoken love for Willow and the greedy need of his pampered girlfriend, Jace, scours the Big Easy for her. He must do so before Willow’s body and spirit get used up by Queen Laveau. Detective Nick Buzzetta of New Orleans police helps them aided by the advice of his wonderfully creepy grandma.

Ms. Bowen’s Voodoo Fire features great adventure, tickles our fears of the great beyond, while skillfully weaving in a wonderful love story. You will not be disappointed with its characters or story. You will lose track of time as you follow Marie and her searchers anywhere.

Ms. Bowen’s Bio

Candace C. Bowen is the author of numerous fictional novels, including the award-winning, A Knight of Silence. She loves hearing from her fans and can be reached at ccbowen@knightseries.com or through her website, www.knightseries.com.

Candace C. Bowen – HOME

– Paul R. De Lancey, reviewer

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